Paracord cobra Bracelet

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Paracord cobra Bracelet

           The Cobra Paracord bracelet has a long story. Naturally, bracelets were the first choice for storing the cord. Easy to wear and always on hand made the bracelets a hit. This core bracelet is in my opinion of the best way to start Paracord crafts and can be used as a basis for more advanced bracelets.

Supplies needed

             Paracord 550, two colours recommended, Heat source to melt the cord (a lighter works just fine), something to cut the cord with, A Paracord bracelet jig.

How to make a Cobra Paracord bracelet

1) Difficulty: low

2) Cord Storage: medium

3) Child friendly: yes

                 The Cobra Bracelet is made by making a series of cobra knots around a core. The cobra knots are made by alternating the loop to each side. Once you have achieved the desired length, then cut the extra lengths off the working ends, and melt them onto the bracelet. Lastly put the bracelet by making a lanyard (Diamond) knot with the two remaining pieces of cord.

Paracord survival Bracelet 

                       Survival Braclets are used in purely utility uses, Paracord can be used to fashion knotted or braided bracelets, lanyards, key chains, belts, and other decorative items.

What you will need to make a Paracord Survival Bracelet

1) 550 lb. Paracord

2) 3/8" curved plastic side-release buckle

3) Scissors

4) Lighter

5) Apparatus to hold bracelet in place while weaving.

                  The nylon sheath is often used alone when thinner or less elastic cord is needed, such as used as a boot lace. Ends of the cord can easily be melted to prevent fraying. Survival bracelets are made for military personnel, survivalists, and preppers. Paracord bracelets are a symbol of supporting our military related and supports who responds first.

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Paracord cobra Bracelet
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